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2023 Welding Competition

Dec 14, 2023

Apprentice Showdown: Welding for Mid-Atlantic Glory

Four aspiring welders – Collin Rector, Reece Johnson, Sam Ayres, and Taylor Thompson – are locked in a fierce competition. The prize: a coveted spot in the Mid-Atlantic Welding Competition this May.

Armed with identical blueprints, materials, and tools, each apprentice embarks on a metal transformation. Instructors Micah Prousalis, Kyle Davis, and Nationals champion Seth Burpee offer guidance and watchful eyes.

Pressure mounts as the clock ticks down. Every weld is a testament to months of training and unwavering dedication. The hum of machines and clink of metal create a tense symphony.

Who will claim the ultimate prize? Stay tuned, welding fans, and witness the birth of a champion!